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Individual sessions

All individual sessions with me take place on the phone (Skype Audio / WhatsApp Audio).

Among other reasons, this has the advantage that you can let your emotions flow freely.

Every now and then, when we are sitting across from another person, some things in the emotional area of ​​our body can block. An example of this would be the belief: "I must not cry in front of others".


Each session is scheduled for one hour. Depending on the session, it can take a little longer or a little shorter. We design that flexibly.

At the beginning of our conversation you tell me first if you like what you want to tell me. These can be things that have happened recently or things that have been bothering you for a long time.

After a few minutes of rational conversation, we then move into meditation fluently and completely relaxed.


All session takes place in meditation form. During the time of meditation we work with your thoughts, inner images, feelings, emotions, symbols, protective mechanisms and situations that arise in you in this session. I explore your inner world with you.

It is very important for you to know: We are not pushing anything. We work slowly, with your protection mechanisms and not against your protection mechanisms. Your subconscious is very clever and only sends into your consciousness what you are really ready for.


Our "goal" in shadow integration is to feel negative feelings, so to integrate them and no longer suppress them. In the session, I often call the feelings your inner children. We want to get to know and understand these inner children.


At the end of the session I will gently pull you out of this meditative state back into the outer world and we will recapitulate on a rational level what the session was about.

After the session, you can do the feeling meditation. This takes around thirty minutes and is used to process and integrate the experiences in the session. You don't need to do the feeling meditation right after the session if the timing is not right. During the week that's perfectly fine, too.

The meetings take place once a week. They are not mandatory. In other words, you don't buy a package and you can stop at any time.

Here again at a glance:

Summary of information for a single session:


  • 1x a week, 1 hour (sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter)

  • The sessions take place over the phone (Skype Audio, WhatsApp Audio)

  • You can stop the sessions at any time

  • A few minutes at the beginning you tell me what moves you

  • Then the part of the meditation begins, which makes up most of the session

  • Meditation part: We look and feel into your inner world and work with the protective mechanisms. We work with your "inner children" and learn to love them. The concept of inner children is synonymous with your emotional world

  • At the end of the session we discuss again rationally what we experienced in the session

  • Afterwards or during the week you will listen to the emotional meditation. This runs for about thirty minutes. It serves to integrate what has been experienced.

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