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The topic of shadow integration has long fascinated me and is not new territory for me. That's how I got to know Alina on Instagram. Personal development in general has been an intensive practice for me for several years, but I reached my limits with positive affirmations and similar methods. I was curious how Alina's technique would work for me and after the first session I was already fascinated by the effects of shadow work in company. Even days later after a session, realizations come over me and I feel how it works in my subconscious, which shows through changes on the outside. The inner child becomes more accessible and old issues, worries and blockages lose their meaning in the long term. I appreciate Alina as a passionate and spontaneous shadow worker. Especially in a restless phase of life, I am very grateful for your company.

I've encountered the word shadow therapy for some time and I found the topic extremely exciting. Many people talk about working with their shadows and it helps them in life on various levels.

But I couldn't imagine how it works in practice and what exactly I have to do for it.

Then I found Alina through a podcast and immediately felt a connection. I just wanted to try it and it opened up a whole new world for me. I already felt so many effects after the first coaching and I am totally grateful to Alina and her professional work.

Isa K.

Dr. Anna G.

Through the guided meditation I was able to find pictures for myself and my conflicts, and solve them in a story or try out ways. I always felt safe with Alina and perceived her as a good companion for the shadowy world.

Sarah K.

I came to shadow work at a time when I was very dissatisfied and didn't know why. I had emotional outbursts and in retrospect could not even assign why I reacted this way.

The shadow work in company with Alina opened my eyes to how much is going on in the subconscious. I was surprised to learn so much new about myself. Now well-known behavior patterns are observed and evaluated in a completely new way by me. I'm already happier and more balanced, but I've only just scratched the surface.

The shadow work was something completely new to me at first. I didn't know exactly what to expect but after the first session with Alina I knew that it wasn't difficult for me to get involved. Alina accompanied the meetings so comfortably and calmly that one could only feel comfortable. I got to know a side of myself that was completely new and after each session I was overwhelmed by the emotions and events that lie dormant within me. After just a few sessions, I was able to perceive my behavior much more consciously. A huge enrichment for me! Thank you Alina for your great work!

Alexander E.

Vanessa R.

Through shadow work and the guided feeling meditation with Alina, my panic attacks are being resolved and I am able to listen to my intuition more and more. 

Mirella K.

After every session with Alina, I feel a pleasant calm in my body. Alina deals with the individual problems and takes them to the sessions. Time out for me every time.

Kathrin P.

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