About me

My name is Alina. I am 33 years old and married. I live with my husband in the Netherlands. I'm originally from Germany.


Through a personal crisis, I found my way to shadow integration.

Today I accompany people who are at a similarly difficult point in their life as I was then.


Before I had decided to accompany other people on their way back to themselves, I was professionally active in different industries that paved the way for what I love so much today - shadow integration.


Through my own path to more awareness in recent years, I have personally realized how important it is to look at traumas on a deep level and thus to integrate them.

The shadow integration supported me strongly on this path and, looking back, saved me.

She helped me to become "whole" again and to live from my heart.


I am constantly working with my mentor to deepen my experience on the subject of shadow integration. We do this in the form of weekly supervisions.

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